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Mohamed Mansour, MD

Medical Director located in Katy, TX

Meet Dr. Mansour

Dr. Mohamed Mansour is the Medical Director at Marvelous Clinic, he has more than 20 years of Experience in Medicine with Extensive training and experience in primary care, vascular and interventional medicine as well as wellness medicine.

After Dr. Mansour finished his Residency Training and Master Degree in Diagnostic Radiology, de did three years of advanced fellowships training including Vascular and interventional fellowship in Christiana Delaware from 2010-2011. He also completed Advanced Interventional and Body Imaging Fellowships in MDAnderson, University of Texas Houston from 2011-2013.

Dr. Mansour is well rounded in primary care, wellness and nutritional medicine including Botox, dermal fillers injection, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, spider and cosmetic veins treatment with sclerotherapy, and anti-aging medicine as well.

Dr. Mansour loves nature and caring for farm animals in his beautiful ranch in Texas while feeding them organic supplements. On the weekend, he and his family spend time collecting chicken and duck eggs from his farm. His son and daughter distribute pasture-raised eggs for their Katy neighborhood in a small business model that has inspired many great families via their Facebook page "Wonderland Eggs" with informative educational posts for Egg Nutritional Values as an example of healthy nutrition.