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What Makes Our Medical Weight Loss Unique?

Weight loss is not easy for anyone, regardless of what the magazines, fitness gurus, and supplement sales pitches say. A one-size-fits-all weight-loss strategy is unlikely to help you slim down for the long term. Rather, it’ll probably leave you feeling hungry, frustrated, and hopeless.

Our medical weight-loss plan offered at Marvelous Clinic and Medspa is different. Our Primary care Doctor, Mohamed Mansour, MD, offers a program that’s unique, comprehensive, and individualized to your personal needs so you achieve sustainable results.

Here’s what makes our medical weight loss different from all the other programs out there.

Comprehensive medical evaluation

This program is not a short-term quick fix to help you lose weight for an upcoming cruise or wedding. It’s a six-month program that starts with a comprehensive review of your medical history and a complete physical exam. You also receive a thorough lab workup that includes blood tests and urinalysis.

Dr. Mansour also does an ultrasound of your abdomen and pelvis to look for any abnormalities that may interfere with weight loss., and also makes sure you donot have a fatty liver which can slow your metabolism.

Accurate body composition analysis

The goal of our weight-loss plan is to help you lose fat, not just pounds that may include a lot of healthy lean tissue.

You’ll undergo a state-of-the-art DEXA scan to get an initial assessment of your body composition, which is the distribution of fat and lean tissue on your frame. DEXA scans will be performed every two months thereafter to monitor progress in terms of fat loss and muscle retention. 

Customized dietary and exercise recommendations

You’ll also receive nutrition counseling and education. Our dietary plans take into account your personal preferences, nutritional needs, and schedule while helping you select the healthiest foods.

Dr. Mansour also helps you boost your physical activity levels. We have a relationship with local fitness training facilities, so you get professional guidance and become part of a community of health-conscious people.

Metabolism-boosting injections

Sometimes, your metabolism needs a little boost to jumpstart weight loss. Dr. Mansour offers Lipo MIC C and B injections once per week during your plan to rev your metabolism and encourage greater fat burning. 

These injections aren’t a substitute for healthy eating and physical activity, but they complement your efforts and ensure you get all the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.


Your weekly visits to our clinic also help keep you accountable to your goals. At these office appointments, we track your weight, administer injections, and make tweaks to your plan to help you get the best results.

Additional body contouring

Even after you’ve achieved a normal, healthy weight, you may still have areas that just won’t slim down. Don’t get frustrated by these stubborn pockets of fat in places like your abdomen and flanks.

VelaShape® body contouring combines infrared light energy, radiofrequency, and pulsed rollers to help dissolve stubborn fat and cellulite. Dr. Mansour also offers local lipodissolve injections to reduce fat in localized areas.

The overall result of our medical weight-loss program is lasting weight loss that maximizes your health and gives you an enviable sculpted look. 

If you’re ready to start your weight-loss journey, contact our office in Katy, Texas, today. We’re ready to help you achieve lasting results so you can look and feel your best. 


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