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What is DEXA Scan Body Composition?

What is DEXA Scan Body Composition?

Bone, muscle, and fat are just a few of the major components that make up your body. Your body composition is specific to you and depends on your weight and other factors. If you’re overweight and want to shed some excess pounds, knowing your body composition may help you succeed. This is where a DEXA scan is able to help.

Our team at Marvelous Clinic and Medspa specializes in weight loss and body composition. Dr. Mohammed Mansour offers the DEXA scan to help you understand your body so you can succeed with weight loss or know your risk for osteoporosis.

Understanding a DEXA scan

The DEXA scan for body composition is considered the number one way to effectively test for your body fat percentage and your bone health. DEXA stands for dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, and not only measures bone density, but your muscle mass and body fat as well.

The DEXA scan is not only useful to determine your risk for osteoporosis, but is also a great way for athletes to get an idea of their muscle and fat composition. This helps them get in the best shape possible to succeed at their sport.

Dr. Mansour also uses the scan to help you start your weight loss journey, and see your results along the way. The DEXA scan is very accurate at calculating your body fat percentage, which can clue you in to your risk for certain conditions, such as heart disease. 

The DEXA procedure

The best benefit of the DEXA scan is that it’s quick and painless. There’s also no preparation for the scan, and you can eat and drink right up until you go in for the procedure.

You don’t need to stay overnight for the scan, it’s done as an outpatient procedure. In less than 10 minutes. Before you go in for the scan, you’ll be asked to remove any metal jewelry that you have on.

In the exam room, you lay on the table, and the Dexa scan technician places the generator below you and the imaging machine above you. When the scan starts, the imaging device moves over your body, and gets bone density measurements at your spine and hips

The imaging continues if you’re getting the scan to determine muscle mass and body fat. The machine takes measurements of your skin in certain areas to determine the amount of fat in your body.

The whole procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes, and you’re able to home when you’re done. Dr. Mansour gets the results and notifies you of what the scan showed.

What do the results mean?

If you’re undergoing the DEXA scan for bone density, your results come in the form of a T score. This score is determined by measuring your bone density against the bone density of a healthy 30 year old. The bone density results usually fall in the following categories:

If you fall in the middle and Dr. Mansour diagnoses you with osteopenia, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll end up with osteoporosis. There are steps you can take to prevent more loss of bone, including exercise and vitamin D supplements.

If you also had the body scan done for weight loss or body fat to muscle ratio, Dr. Mansour goes over the results with you. The DEXA scan shows areas of your body where there’s more body fat, so you know where to concentrate on with your workouts. 

As an athlete, it also shows you your progress with your training program, so you’re in the best shape possible for your season. It helps you find the areas where you could improve your muscle mass, and where you need to slim down.

If you’re interested in scheduling a DEXA scan, call our office today at 346-202-6250, or you can book an appointment with Dr. Mansour online.

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